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With illustrations by Benjamin Lacombe
From the French by Edmund Jacoby
76 pages | 28.5 x 31.8 cm
b | continuous colored
With silk cover and 14 punched pages
ISBN 978-3-946593-47-8
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Frida - already a bestseller, alone 78.500 copies in Europe in the first edition

"I understood Frida Kahlo better from my art history studies. Not knowing the context of her work means not understanding how intelligent her work is. In the reflections that Sébastien Perez and I have made to the book, nine themes have emerged that are the backbone of her work, her life, and - this book: The Accident, The Medicine, The Earth, The Animals, The Love, The Death, Motherhood, The Broken Pillar, and Posterity. Through punch outs and pictorial quotes I try to penetrate to the very core of her work. Some may wonder if it makes sense to quote works 'literally', but it was impossible to change a single element without the statement of the picture
to destroy. And the texts of Sébastien, peppered with quotations from Frida, give a complex picture of this extraordinary woman. F R I D A - these five letters represent a unique universe and a myth. «

Benjamin Lacombe on his artist biography in June 2016

The press

»The imitations of Lacombes in the manga style take much of the brutality of the paintings of the Mexican painter - but not the force.«
Börsenblatt, Kai Mühleck and Tamara Weise

"Approaching a painter by the rank of Frida Kahlo as an illustrator is quite a brave endeavor. Benjamin Lacombe, with his opulent, rather gloomy style, presented in collaboration with author Sébastien Perez a successful biography of the picture and a very special book art. «
PAGE, Claudia Gerdes

"Biographically and with quotes from the artist, this has become an impressive art book, which stands out from the previously published."
Georg Büchner bookstore, Christopher Schlippe

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